Athlean-X Review: Is The Program Worth It?

So let me guess, you are searching around trying to find out if the Athlean-X program is worth your time and money.

Well, guess what? You’ve ended up at the right place because here I will review the Athlean-X program and give you my personal, in-depth, honest review of the program and whether or not you should be investing your time into the program or not.

Who Created The Athlean X Program?


With fitness programs that promise high results, I think the first thing to consider is who exactly created the program. And let me tell you, this program has, in my opinion, the most knowledgeable and most realistic creator you could ever ask for.

And his name is Jeff Cavaliere.

He is a certified physical therapist and social media icon.

He is an educated top-level elite athlete and personal trainer.

Jeff is the former Fitness & Strength training coach for the New York Mets. He trained his professional athletes during the years of 2006, 2007, and 2008. Not only this, he coached some of the world’s top elite players in history.

Some of these players include the hall of fame pitches Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine, and all-star players David Wright, Jose Reyes, and too many others to list.

The thing about Jeff is that his entire life, he has been devoted to strength training and fitness and living the way of a healthy and happy life.

Jeff is a media icon, having appeared in multiple top-level fitness magazines, teaching people how to become the best athlete they can and teaching injury prevention, sports training, and much more.

Who is The Athlean X Program For?


The thing about the Athlean X Program is that it’s specifically created for the results you are looking for.

What do I mean by this?

Are you looking to build muscle and burn fat?

Well, excellent; there are three different programs created explicitly for that.

Are you looking to build huge arms?

Perfect, there is a program specifically created to help you build huge arms.

Are you looking to go through an athlete-style training camp?

If you think you can handle this program, then great! There is a program designed to take you through precisely what the top-level athletes are doing to become the elite of the elite.

Want to focus on building as much muscle as possible?

There’s a program for that.

Just want to focus on burning as much fat as possible?

Yeah, there’s a course for that.

You get my point. There is a course designed for just about any goal you want to achieve.

There are 13 different Athlean X programs in total, all geared toward different goals.

So no matter who you are or your goals, there is a course for you that will help you reach those goals you after.

What Makes the Athlean X Different Than Other Programs?


Athlean-X stands out from all of the other programs for four main reasons:

1) Created by an expert

2) Based on training routines of elite athletes

3  Affordable

4) Actually Works

The biggest reason this course stands out is because of the creator, Jeff. He is by far the best personal trainer you could ever ask for to create a fitness program.

You get the knowledge that he has gained the expertise that he has learned through training top-level athletes and some of the best elite players in the world.

You will not find another course out there that has a better person teaching and creating the routines.

He knows it all, from endurance and stamina training, burning fat as fast as possible, or from putting as much muscle as humanly and naturally possible, he’s done it all.

Just take a look at his physique, and one will know that it’s pretty hard to beat. He looks like an action figure.

Another big reason this course stands out from the rest is because of how the programs were designed.

All of the training routines are based on the training regimens of elite athletes.

Is it too hard for people that are not in shape? Not at all; even if you haven’t touched a weight in years, you can make it through this course.

Jeff starts you off by taking things slow and quickly builds the workout routines up so that you are eventually training just like the hall of fame athletes do.

What All Does One of Jeff’s Athlean X Programs Include?

Let’s take a look at the Athlean AX-1 Training Camp Program.

  • This program alone includes over 120 exercises, hand-picked by Jeff to take your body to the next level; everything from learning smith machine squats to leg press deadlifts to intense stair stepper big jiggly booty training.
  • Step by Step Meal Plans.
  • A 90-day system to help you through day by day.
  • Online Access to help you through any questions you may have throughout your journey to becoming a ripped and shredded you.

What Goals Can you Reach With The Athlean X Program?


I have personally tried the Athlean X, and let me tell you, I got incredible results. Let me give you a little background on myself first.

I am 24 years old and have been training seriously for about six years now. I follow my diet and training regimen strictly.

But even following my routine, after about three years, I felt that I had plateaued and didn’t feel that I was growing or improving anymore.

It’s almost like physique reached its genetic potential, and the thing was, I didn’t know what else to do other than taking steroids, and this is something that I didn’t want to do.

Instead, I picked up the Athelan-X program created by Jeff designed to put on as much muscle as humanly possible. This was in hopes that this course would work. And let me tell you. It did.

Until I got the program, I thought I was going about things the best way that I could and that I was doing everything possible to put on as much muscle as I could, but in fact, I was wrong. I was so wrong.

Jeff’s course taught me so much I couldn’t believe it. I learned that my diet was actually crap and has a ton of room for improvement; I realized that I was working out wrong and not going about my workouts the right way, not doing the right types of exercises, and not doing enough cardio and intensive training.

Just four weeks in, I started to notice results like I had never seen before. Mind you, I have been training seriously for six years. And just six weeks into the Athlean X program, I was already growing in size and looking leaner while doing it. I was stoked. The striations in my pecs started showing, the veins in my abs began popping. My body was changing before my eyes.

Twelve weeks in, my body had reached a level I didn’t think was possible. I had become 7 pounds heavier, lost three percentage points of body fat, and gained a whole lot of muscle.

I honestly looked like I was on the juice. My veins were always out; I always felt like I had a pump, I had more energy, and I just felt good.

The biggest issue I had was not changing up my workouts. And that’s what I love about the Athlean X program is that Jeff had the workouts constantly changing. This kept the body confused and guessing, which allowed for continued growth.

This program had me working out four times a week for 45 minutes sessions. It doesn’t seem like much, but heck, these workouts will push your body beyond the limits. You will be sore; I promise you that.

Is Athlean X Worth Your Money?

Yes, it most definitely is.

This was the best $79 I’ve ever spent. I’ve tried four different programs to date, and this, for me, is the only one that worked magic on my physique.

No matter who you are or what you are trying to accomplish, the Athlean X program is the only training program that is worth your money.

It’s the only program where you can choose a program based on the results that you want to see.

Athlean X Reviews – What Are Other Customers Saying?

Here we have a mix of opinions on the Athlean x programs. If you dig deep enough, you find that about 2/3’s of the reviews are extremely positive.

The other 1/3 of the reviews are pretty negative. You may ask why?

Well, I did a bit more looking and found that the negative reviews come from the big bodybuilder guys who think this program is designed for bodybuilders when this is not the case. This course is designed for people who want to stay lean, burn fat, and put on as much muscle as possible while still staying lean.

The positive reviews seem to come from first-timers and intermediate-level guys and gals.

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