The 23 Best Workout Songs Of All Time

Fitness is trending. And so is the music to make gym sessions more fun and productive. Are you also looking for that extra motivation to increase your gym time? One way that we’ve found works well is to partner up with a gym buddy. Another great way is to buy gym-specific clothing. That way, you’ll try and hit the gym just so that your fabulous gym clothes don’t go waste.

In addition to the above methods, you can take your workout to the next level with some music once you hit the gym.  Well, we have put together a list of 23 songs that will get you all fired up to set new benchmarks.



1)      Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic

The song remains one of the most loved among fitness enthusiasts for its beats and bass. The music makes an instant connection and can prolong your treadmill time from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

2)      Beyoncé’s Single Ladies

Single Ladies is the song made for all occasions and best suited to achieve those fitness goals in lesser time for all the ladies out there. Play it on a loop, and the song can make you do some extra pilates.

3)      Shake Your Body by Michael Jackson

The song has got passion, lyrics, and a rhythm that can sync with your movements. This song is best suited for fitness through Zumba or aerobics sessions.

4)      It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

When that extra energy and aggression gets channelized correctly, it can do wonders. It’s my life is one of those songs that can give you the extra push after a tough day to work out and let the stress die down gradually. The lyrics, guitar, and beats are best suited for a mix of exercises.

5)      Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

The modern-day song is inspiring you to be fearless and badass. This song hits the right chords inside and helps you achieve better results.

6)      Taki Taki by Selena Gomez

It is yet another song with unconventional music. It can bring you in complete harmony with your cross-fit and increase output.

7)      Thunder by Imagine Dragons

This is a beautiful song with motivating lyrics. The song is best suited to achieve weekly targets and can push you to spend extra time inside the gym.

8)      God’s Plan by Drake

The song has got everything, the lyrics, beats, and the intent. This can make your legs run extra, your hands pull extra, and even increase your stamina to hold your breath while doing yoga sessions. The song is best suited for all exercises.

9)      Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

This is a song that is well suited on all occasions. The Shape of You can make you fall for yourself, help you sweat it out more, and make you feel awesome by achieving results faster. This song is a must in the playlist even before you plan to hit the gym.

10)  Be Like Me by Lil Pump and Lil Wayne

Another song instilling self-love. The song has got good beats to make you move to it. Shake that extra fat off by dancing to the tunes of this exciting jam.

11)  The Light is Coming by Arianne Grande and Nicki Minaj

Planning on hitting the gym together with your bestie. Well, don’t forget to put this song on the list. The Light is Coming keeps you going, and listening once won’t be enough. The song gets you hooked instantly, and you won’t even realize when your 20 minutes of the gym will turn into 40 minutes listening to this track.

12)  Circus by Britney Spears

No playlist is complete without Britney’s songs, and Circus is best suited for the high-intensity sessions. It can help you go that extra mile and move with the beats. The song has got pulse, music, and beats to keep the momentum going. This is best suited if you are looking to achieve faster results in lesser time.

13)  Lemon by Rihanna

Another important lady that deserves a special place in your playlist is Rihanna, and what better song of hers than Lemon. It can set you free and keep you bouncing up and down with energy and enthusiasm.

14)  Temperature by Sean Paul

This international blockbuster deserves mention in the gym workout playlist. The song has got a unique rhythm about it and is best when gymming with your pals. A combination of exercises done with this song in the background can make your session fun and enjoyable.

15)  Work by Rihanna

Had a tough day at work and want to take it out in your gymming session? Well, this is the song for you. Play it on the loop, and you will be surprised to see how the song takes over your session to the next level. Soon you will be running faster, paddling more, and squatting better.

16)  Despacito by Justin Beiber

The original version is great, but the English version is also fantastic. The song can make you imagine the sea while exercising. It has got the vibes to instantly lift your mood and take you in a zone where all that matters is the rhythm between your legs, arms, and heartbeat. 

17)  Love The Way You Lie by Eminem – Rihanna

The song has got it all. If you land in the gym for some other reasons than fitness, then this is the song created for you. It has the power to make you push all the negative thoughts out and focus on exercising.

18)  Simple Creatures – Adrenaline

Another song with the guitar to get you there. The song can make you forget those paining joints and help you put in that extra effort to achieve more. It has got good beats, music, and best of all, the never-giving-up lyrics.

19)  Roll The Dice by Marshmello

This song is for the street dancer in you, the defiant, the unapologetic, and the one who wants to take control. This latest jam is best suited for rigorous workout sessions for long hours.

20)  Hall of Fame – The Script

One of the best songs to push your limits, believe in your potential, and go that extra mile to make the best out of your gym sessions. This is one of the perfect songs for a self-motivated workout regime. When played on the loop, the song can inspire you to set bigger goals and outrun yourself in every session.

21)  Zero by Imagine Dragons

This song brings peace amidst so much chaos and connects you with your every move instantly. The song has got a lovely melody to it, but the lyrics hit the right chords and make you run faster on the treadmill. You will even feel about going in the uphill mode for a longer duration by playing this song on the loop.

22)  The Score – Unstoppable

The song is best for group gymming. It sets you in a competitive mode and can make you do extra time on every piece of equipment. The song is best suited for morning workout sessions when the mind is fresh and can kick start your day on a very high & positive note.

23)  Lovers On The Sun – David Guetta

This song is best suited when you are out there with your better half to make each other fitter. The song has got the beats to set you moving to it instantly. Moreover, it has got that cowboy theme to fire up the momentum and increase the time spent in every gymming session.

While focusing on the exercise is very important, a little distraction in the form of good music can help you focus less on the pain.

My Favorite Workout Song Of All Time!

My favorite workout song of all time that works best for me is Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. What is your favorite gym song? Do mention it in the comments below.