Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Worth Your Money? – Detailed Review

You don’t have to follow in someone’s footsteps while shopping for a quality treadmill. Sometimes, the footsteps can lead you to the wrong destination. Of course, this is not a norm or anything. Most treadmill shoppers are not qualified enough to smell the rat, spot the scam, or dig out the rotten apples among the myriad of options laid in front of them. So, to avoid unwanted predicaments, you are advised to read this review from top to bottom. I have personally used the Bowflex BXT116 treadmill, so I have a clear idea of the treadmill’s functionality, features, and drawbacks. 


The BXT116 comes with innovative features and personalized workout programs to help you enjoy your training to the max. It throws the ‘hardcore’ aspect of training out of the window and helps you attain your fitness goals without the usual legwork involved in the process. Basically, the inbuilt technology makes indoor walking, jogging, and running a fun affair. It’s smartly designed to fit into small apartments as well. So, if you are looking for fun-oriented home training equipment, this treadmill deserves your attention. To know more about this treadmill, let me tell you guys how the product faired during use.


How The BXT116 Treadmill Treated Us

To begin with, this is not your humble treadmill. Gladly enough, the Bowflex BXT116 is a feature-rich treadmill that can take your workout experience to a whole new level. With all the extras that the treadmill comes with, I trained more often than usual. I become a regular participant in indoor jogging and running activities. Moreover, the structured workout programs and the monitoring system proved to be the icing on the cake factor because they helped me train more efficiently. From the first week itself, I could tell that I was training with higher outputs. Better yet, I was enjoying all my sessions on the treadmill due to the high-tech bells and whistles that the machine had to offer. I was also training to the songs that motivated and suited me. It almost felt that I was using a high-end health club treadmill. Overall, I had a happy experience. This isn’t to say that the product doesn’t have any shortcomings at all. There are certain areas of improvement for sure. We will discuss them as well. First, let me tell you who should get this treadmill.


Who Should Get This Treadmill?

A treadmill is thoroughly tested to help one attain a myriad of fitness goals. From weight loss to overall wellness, it can suit many needs. So, if you don’t want to participate in any strenuous gym activity, you can consider this treadmill to stay in shape throughout the year. It comes equipped with a powerful motor to suit the needs of walkers as well as runners. With the focus on technology, this treadmill could prove to be the ideal gym hack. It can take you out of the gym groove completely for good. With all the innovative features, training on this treadmill is something that you might like.


What We Don’t Like

Before you go bonkers over the product, let’s discuss some product cons. Given the price, the treadmill may not be for everyone. Simply put, it’s not one of those affordable treadmills out there. The asking price is not all that hard-to-swallow, but it may not suit the wallets of budget shoppers. It’s a fairly high-end product, and the price represents the quality and features it brings to the table. So, it would be best if you were prepared to shave off a decent amount of money to bring home a treadmill of this quality. Also, the product warranty is not the best out there. Although it offers decent coverage, it may fail to keep your investment protected for a long time.


What Are Customer Reviews Saying?

Many customers have stated that they would stick to the Bowflex brand for their feature-rich and high-caliber fitness products. Gladly enough, the 116 model doesn’t put the company to shame. Most users have stated that the treadmill is extremely durable and perfect for home use. They also liked the advanced challenge that the machine offers to help them burn extra calories without more training hours than usual. With excellent durability, stability, workout versatility, and easy navigation, the BXT116 treadmill has been able to win most hearts. Most users didn’t really come across any deal-breaking flaws or inconvenient manufacturing defects on this product. Therefore, they didn’t mind singing praises for the product’s use and efficiency.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • High-end Console: It features a large and vibrant 7.5-inch color screen console compatible with various electronic devices. Everything on the console is very detailed. So, it won’t feel like you are navigating into an unventured territory even if you were to be using the treadmill for the first time. The console makes it very easy to view all the stats to track one’s workout progress on the go. The machine also comes with a USB charging port.
  • Folding Design: Because of the folding design, it does not take too much space in your living room or any other area where the treadmill will be placed for regular use. It folds up flat like your modern-day laptop for easy storage. The compact design really offers a pragmatic solution to our current problem of space shortage.
  • Powerful Motor:  The 3.75 CHP motor takes care of all the heavy lifting with no strain on the machine for several years and beyond. It also helps the treadmill achieve a top speed of 12 MPH, which should suffice for most users. Unless you are an Olympic-level athlete, this treadmill will be able to cater to your needs without any hiccups.
  • 9 Workout Apps: It features nine pre-set workout apps to help you use the treadmill in the most efficient manner to achieve your fitness goals faster than usual. Keep in mind that industry pros design these workout programs. So, you are getting the real deal over here, and not some filler apps that exist to keep up with the competition.
  • Durability: From the durability standpoint, it has impressed most users like nobody’s business. Constructed from top-shelf parts, the machine is said to be extremely stable and durable. So, you won’t have to worry about the machine crumbling under your feet or overheating very often to cause you a migraine-sized headache.
  • Belt Rollers: The deck is equipped with 2.75 diameter rollers, which are larger than what you will find in similar products. For those who don’t know, bigger rollers are a sign of high quality built. They extend the life of the belt and also reduce stress on the motor. As a result, they boost the product’s life. They are the unsung heroes in a treadmill.
  • Handsome Extras: As hinted before, it comes with a lot of extras. For instance, it comes with an advanced heart rate monitor, a large running belt, and a burn rate console for extra training motivation. It’s Bluetooth enabled as well, and it provides users with a wide range of virtual workouts from Zwift. The top of the console also has a shelf for holding your tablet to enjoy unlimited entertainment hours.


Bowflex has a reputation for offering a generous warranty on their Bowflex Results treadmill series. They offer a warranty for two full years. Basically, everything is covered for a period of two years. Better yet, you can also get your full money back if you choose to return the product anytime within the first six weeks for any legitimate reason.


The machine is billed to be safe for 375 pounds of weight. It outpaces a lot of its competition in the weight capacity. Most treadmills in the same price range max out at 300 lbs, but this treadmill has a high weight capacity. The running deck spec is 20″ x 60″ for those who don’t know, which is reasonably large enough for comfortable running strides. And, the product dimensions are as follows:

  • 84.6″ L
  • 36.3″ W
  • 55.2″ H


Last Words:

On the whole, the BXT116 is an impressive machine for home use. It can stand up to daily use like a boss. It has minimal flaws compared to its counterparts, and it’s reasonably priced for its features. It clearly has a remarkable resume for a home-use cardio trainer. It can meet or beat most fitness goals by a landslide if used and maintained properly. It’s ideal for anyone looking to train actively from home without depending on gym visits for an efficient workout. It isn’t too flashy, but it can easily hold your interest with its usability, functionality, and impressive performance.

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