Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review – Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Forget the time lost in the running to the gym back and forth. Within no time, you could have your own home gym. So, if you are looking to slim down or tone up your body in the comfort of your own home, the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym could be the solution to your fitness quest.

That is if you can find it in yourself to stick with your goals.

From muscle building to weight loss, any fitness goal can be achieved through this fitness marvel. Simply put, it’s a fitness instrument that mixes up cardio and strength training in a single piece of equipment to help you stay fit at home without taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit the gym.

Please make no mistake; this machine is not only for the out-of-shape guys, but pro users can also consider it. It’s for anyone out there who thinks that his/her personal health is priceless.

Given the product’s versatility and use, this bad boy fits the needs of all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

How the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym treated us


The Bowflex Revolution incorporates the same technology used in the space station to help astronauts build lean muscle tissue in space.

Now available to the average person in the comfort of their own home, the Revolution utilizes patented Spiraflex plates to create resistance without the inertia associated with free weights.

The entire system can provide up to two hundred and twenty pounds of standard resistance, with upgrades available.

The smoothest one yet, this is a very versatile home gym. As with any piece of equipment, it is only as effective as the effort put into using it. However, that same 220 pounds of resistance can be upgraded to three hundred for upper body exercises like the military press and six hundred for lower body exercises. Add to this the long list of exercises it is capable of performing, and there are no excuses for not getting lean and strong with this machine.


At first glance, it seemed that the machine’s sole purpose was to eat all the space we had in our cramped apartment. But, the looks turned out to be deceptive. The instrument proved to be very easy to use.

The learning curve was much shorter than our original expectations. Furthermore, the machine had a foldable design to it. The Bowflex is well-known for being a space saver concerning how much it delivers.

Fitting easily in an average-sized bedroom with average ceiling height, the package includes a preacher curl attachment for isolating the biceps of the upper arms, a five-position foot harness, hand grips, a plate for the leg press, as well as written and DVD instructions.

We had an excellent workout the very first time and after that too. Every moving part was click set-up.

So, transitioning from one exercise to another didn’t prove to be a hassle. We were able to maintain the upbeat heart rate while switching exercises, thereby deriving optimum cardio benefits. We also found this product to be much friendly on our back, joints, and muscles.

Given our positive experience with the product, we can state that actual results are achievable with this one-stop-home-gym equipment. So, it won’t feel that you are chasing rainbows or any other fantasy that most product manufacturers teach us to believe.

With this home gym, you will be chasing potential future reality. In other words, you will be able to achieve what you perceive. All things considered, we got along well with this fitness equipment. It had a different feel than training with free weights, but the overall training was good. In fact, the experience was gratifying, to say the least.

Of course, it costs us nothing to share our experience, so we don’t mind spreading the word out there to all the tens and thousands of fitness enthusiasts reading this review.


What we really liked about the Bowflex Revolution



  • The Bowflex Revolution also incorporates what they call ‘Free Arms.’ These are the handle attachments the person pulls and pushes against and are unique because they move 170 degrees in any direction. This is not hype but a valuable function. The ability to work muscles through the full range of the joint action creates a more functional workout.


  • Comparable products are sorely lacking in one area or the other. But, this fitness equipment doesn’t fail to impress. There was no infamous noise or falling apart components to raise our blood pressure. Also, the assembly proved to be a no-brainer affair. For us, it didn’t feel like we had to put together a million pieces before we could ever get to use the equipment. For those who are not familiar, the equipment comes with an informative user manual. The detailed instructions can get the equipment ready without too much confusion. Of course, it might test your patience after the first hour. Basically, the assembling isn’t tricky, but it does take some time. (at least an hour or two)


  • With 100+ different routines, it’s next to impossible to get bored. With so many workout options, nothing is stopping you from varying your workout daily. You will be able to train all the muscles from the lower and the upper body. So, none of your body parts will feel left out. It can be set to different positions to best suit one’s physical dimensions and strengthen and tone different muscle groups in more than one way. So, it’s a great way to skyrocket overall fitness. The pulley system works like a breeze without any fuss. Given that it’s fun to train on this beauty, it’s easy to forget that you are having an intense workout. In our professional opinion, this intrinsic feature really sets the machine apart from the crowd.


What we Disliked:


  • Even a basic level of common sense can tell you that 490 pounds is a lot of weight even for the country’s strongest man. Yes, the shipping weight is 490 pounds. So, you might need some helping hands if it needs to be carried upstairs or any other uphill location. As mentioned earlier, it’s foldable. But, it’s still too heavy to be frequently shifted from one room to another. Your best bet would be to place the machine at some permanent spot in your house. This is the only sure-fire way to expect a warm welcome the next time you are ready to use the machine.
  • The price of this home gym is on the higher side of the spectrum. Of course, it’s worth the top dollars, but the high cost may steer potential buyers away from the product. Another thing worth mentioning is that the product is shipped in more than one box to accommodate everything that needs to come with the package. In fact, it comes in five different boxes. The heaviest of them weigh around 130 lbs. Also, the item will require a signature on delivery. It won’t be left at your doorsteps. So, be prepared for that as well. We won’t look at this as a major strike against the machine because it doesn’t seem logical to drop such an expensive item at one’s doorsteps.

What are Customer reviews saying?

Most customers love the professional quality of this machine.  They also seem fascinated with the smart technology behind the product (we will talk about its new technology in a little while). The fact that the product replaces the need for a gym, the workout apparatus has been well-received by the vast majority of the audience.

Most users are glad that a single piece of fitness equipment meets all their fitness needs. One user also commented that the equipment wouldn’t replace the need for all the machines you find in a gym, but it will replace a vast majority of them.

Despite the higher cost, customers believe that the level of quality and the overall usefulness and functionality justifies the price tag attached to it.


This machine introduced the world to the incredible power of SpiraFlex® technology in a piece of fitness equipment. The SpiraFlex® plate technology resistance system offers an entirely new workout experience like nothing else in the market. For those who don’t know, the SpiraFlex® technology was developed by NASA scientists to help them stay fit without depending on gravity.

Incorporating this technology in the Bowflex home gym ensures smooth and even resistance during a workout for the entire range of motion. It stimulates the working muscles like nobody’s business.

So, one can expect better results in a short amount of time. A key thing to note here is that the machine is for body toning and not necessarily bodybuilding.


The parts and materials of this machine are built with the highest quality materials for longevity. The makers boast that most of the components will hardly wear out.  Better yet, it comes with a 10-year warranty that can be used anytime one needs to. So, you are sure to get the most out of the machine. The warranty is easily one of the best you could ever find in the products of this class. This intrinsically-driven warranty is exceedingly rare in products in the same spectrum. It shows the confidence the makers have in their products.



The product dimensions are 38.2 x 65 x 72.8 inches. As you can tell, it won’t be the most compact fitness machine out there. But, thanks to the foldable design, it can be stored efficiently. Furthermore, the machine weighs over 300 lbs, and it can support users up to 300 lbs to work out effectively and comfortably. As hinted before, the equipment can provide a fitness workout as good as the weight stacks.  It can accommodate all sizes of users as long as the supported weight limit is not capped.


Is the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym worth your money?

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is the best alternative to outdoor walks, gym visits, or any other time-consuming fitness affair. It’s cutting-edge fitness technology at its best; so, if you think that the convenience of home training is the only way to stay in shape till your dying breath, you can’t go wrong with this beauty.

This workout beast offers you everything you would expect from a gym environment without the hassle of paying a visit to the gym. Of course, don’t expect it to turn you into a bodybuilder or anything close to that, but you can expect a fun and fitness-filled workout.

Truthfully speaking, once you get hold of the equipment, you will wonder why it took you so long to pull the trigger on this cutting-edge fitness equipment.

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