High Weight Capacity Treadmills for Heavy Persons

A complete buyer’s guide to choosing the right high weight capacity treadmill 

So you’ve finally decided to turn your life around and to lose some weight. It all starts there. Something has to tick in your head to tell yourself, “Enough is enough, finally. There has to be a change.”

Many people would say that’s half the battle, and there is some truth to that. Not everyone has the courage or the determination to put a stop to their bad repetitive habits.

So just by reading this write-up, you’re well on your way to a healthier new you.

We’re sure your weight is not only making you miserable, but it’s also putting your health at an extreme level of risk.

You don’t want your organs to start failing way before they’re bound to. That’s not how anyone wants to go.

Besides, at any weight, exercise is vital for everyone. It’s a well-known fact that the quality of your life is directly proportional to how healthy you are.

It’s going to be hard to have a long, happy life if you’re out of shape.

Want to hear some good news? Turning your life around is possible. You just have to work hard for it.

We know. That’s easier said than done. But something has to be said for the fact that you’re reading this right now. Everybody has got to start somewhere, right?

Knowing how and where to start a new workout routine is tough for everyone. But we understand that it’s challenging for you.

You’ve let yourself go this far, and it’s going to take some extra effort for you to get back in shape. But once you start taking your first steps into your new lifestyle, you’re going to start noticing the changes in yourself almost immediately. Trust us.

You’re going to feel better about yourself, which will motivate you even further. Not only is your mood boosted, but your body is going to thank you for your efforts.

You’ll start to feel less winded, and you’ll begin to regain the movements in your bones and muscles.

What’s in it for me?

It’s easy to be dismissive and to think that working out is for health nuts who have nothing better to do than to spend hours in the gym.

You might not care as much about how you look, and your self-worth might not be tied to how others see you, but you’re not doing your organs any favors by packing in more pounds.

Exercise is for everyone. The body is meant to move and to be used. It’s not meant to be parked on a couch, processing your nth burrito.

If your image and confidence as motivation aren’t going to cut it for you, then think about the diseases you’re making yourself more prone to.

Think about how your body functions are going to improve when you start working out. You can actively do something about your high blood pressure, your risk for heart disease, diabetes, liver failure, sleep apnea, and depression – just to name a few.

I don’t even know where to begin. How do I stay safe?

Before you hop on the treadmill, make sure that your body can handle it. Sure, you’ve had enough time lounging around, and now it’s time to step your game up.

But hold your horses. You have to ask a medical professional about how much physical activity your body can take right now.

You may be suggested to limit your workouts to specific periods of time or intensity. This is often the case with people who are on blood pressure medication.

It’s dangerous if you overreach and overexert yourself.

Next, you’ve got to have the right equipment – which is what we’re going to tackle in this guide. Just read on to find out what treadmills are best for heavier users.

Finally, get proper workout gear – perfect footwear. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking and running on a treadmill, so make sure you’ve got the right shoes for it.

Look for a pair that offers extra cushioning and support to reduce the stress on your ankles and knees. Since carrying too much weight does put a lot of pressure on your joints as it is, there’s going to be a lot more strain once you start working out.

I’m overweight or obese. Why should I use a treadmill, and is that the best workout equipment to help me lose weight?


Yes. This might seem a bit too obvious, but you have to start walking. If you don’t plan to do it outdoors, then having a treadmill might not just be the next best thing. It might be better altogether.

Walking is a low-impact exercise, which is something that you ought to be focusing on. What does low impact mean?

That means that you’re not putting strain on your joints. You have to understand that your body is not in its prime condition right now.

You might have the heft, but that doesn’t mean that you have the strength. Attempting to do high-impact exercise will do a lot of damage to your knees, back, and hips.

At the beginning of your fitness journey, it’s important to start small. You might be tempted to run before you can walk literally. That’s a surefire way to throw your initial attempts at fitness in the garbage.

By getting hurt, you’ll be forced to go back to your more stagnant ways, and you become less likely to work out again. You don’t want to keep going back to square one.

Now that you’re progressing, you want to stay on the board.

Now, you may want to get a treadmill of your own for your home gym for several reasons.

  • It’s convenient because of more flexible work out times.
  • You can work out privately without feeling the anxiety of being judged.
  • It comes with features to help you keep track of your progress.
  • It would be cheaper than a gym membership. A treadmill usually pays for itself in two years’ worth of gym membership fees.
  • It would be easier to build a habit out of it.
  • You don’t have to worry about sporting fancy workout clothes.
  • You can share it with other members of your household.
  • You can do something else as you work out, like catch up on your reading or TV shows.
  • Since you can do it in your home’s comfort, weather and location aren’t a factor anymore.
  • It’s not nearly as expensive as other exercise machines.

How do I start using my High Weight Capacity Treadmill?


1. Track your minutes

Again, you mustn’t overreach. Set very realistic expectations for yourself. If you haven’t gone to the gym in years, don’t expect that you’ll be able to run a mile.

If, let’s say the only thing that’s been getting a regular workout in your body is your jaw (from chewing), then shooting for 10 to 15 minutes on a treadmill is reasonable.

After that, once it gets a little easier, gradually add more minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be on the treadmill for 30 minutes or even longer.

The trick is to always keep in mind that this is not a race. You don’t have to worry about your pace or your speed at this point.

Now, it’s all about getting used to the feeling of moving and developing some sort of groove. Try your best to incorporate it into your routine – which brings us to the next step:

2. Keep at it

The key here is consistency. If you don’t use your treadmill regularly, you’re not going to build up your endurance. Your body will not be able to adjust to the amount of work you’re putting it through.

In fact, experts will tell you that working out is really more about consistency rather than intensity. Once you get used to the feeling of being on a treadmill at least four to five days per week, then it will be easier for you to do it.

It’s not going to be something that you dread doing anymore. Your body might actually start looking for those bursts of energy.

Remember, it’s all about developing a habit. If you build up your consistency, then the more likely it is that you’ll stick with your routines in the long run.

3. Stay on the safe side

Like we mentioned before, it’s all going to be about a low-intensity workout for now. Walk first before you start running.

When you walk on a treadmill, your feet are never entirely off the belt. As opposed to running, which puts all of your body weight onto your landing leg alternately.

So let’s say you’re 350 lbs. right now. That would be 350 lbs. of pressure on your knee. Does that sound like it would be a good idea? Nope.

Lastly, stay hydrated. If you carry a lot of excess weight, your body has more difficulty regulating your temperature. That means you’re going to sweat—a lot. So drink a lot of water.

It’s also pretty common for you to feel nausea when you start working out. If this happens to you, stop immediately and resume once the feeling subsides.

4. Mix it up

When the time comes that walking on a treadmill becomes easy as pie and you start to get bored with your workout, then you’re going to have to mix it up to stay motivated.

You have to add variety to your workout routine by increasing your speed, frequency, duration, and incline to keep from plateauing.

What’s that? This is the thing that most people who work out dread the most. Once your body gets used to getting regular exercise, your weight loss will slow down.

Like we just said, to avoid that from happening, you have to change things up constantly and never stick to one mode of exercise for too long.

What do I look for in a treadmill for a heavy person like me ?


Let’s get down to the meat of the treadmill guide. What factors should you look out for when picking out the right treadmill for a heavy person including you?

The build quality

Lower-end treadmills that don’t support much weight usually cost a lot less because they’re made of cheaper materials. So don’t be surprised that you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny to get a treadmill that can support a lot of weight.

Good quality treadmills weigh around 200 lbs. That’s because they’re usually made of steel.

What you’re looking for here is stability. You don’t want your treadmill to shake when you start walking on it. It should be very stable.

The max weight limit

This is why you’re probably reading this guide. You want to look for a treadmill that can withstand the pressure from someone who weighs at least 350 lbs.

Naturally, you’re going to have to check what a treadmill can handle before you purchase it. Otherwise, you’d be sending good money down the drain if you order one that’s bound to break the first time you use it.

So use your current weight as a guide. You want a max weight limit that’s higher than your weight. Generally, you want the max weight to be at least 50 lbs. heavier than your weight.

Assuming that you’re in the 350 to 500 lb. range, you’re going to need to buy a higher-end treadmill because these tend to have higher weight limits and are made out of the sturdiest materials.

If you attempt to use a treadmill that can’t support your weight, you could overload it and then break it, which could cause an accident.

The size of the running area

Also known as the running deck or the belt, you want this area to be on the bigger side. Low-quality or cheaper treadmills usually have narrower running decks.

They do this to cut down on the costs of the materials. You’ve got to make sure that there’s ample space for you to walk on. That’s just a no-brainer.

Look for one with a running deck that is at least 48 inches long and 18 inches wide.

If you’re over 6 ft. tall, you would need an even larger belt. Go for one that’s at least 54 inches.

The quality of the suspension system

Another thing that you have to consider is the suspension system of the treadmill. A good one will absorb a lot of the impact of your feet striking the deck.

This makes the treadmill quieter, and it also lessens the stress on your joints.

The motor size

Some treadmills don’t have a motor at all. These are called manual treadmills, and they’re not very suitable for overweight people.

A safe bet would be a treadmill that has a motor of at least 2 HP. Although speed is not very important in the beginning, this is something that you will want to work on eventually.

Doing sprint intervals is a lot easier with a motorized treadmill, so keep that in mind.

The length of the warranty

It’s definitely a good sign when a company offers an extended warranty on their product. That just means that the product can actually back up its claims.

If the warranty on a treadmill isn’t very long, then this should be suspicious.

The setup and assembly

Just to get a treadmill delivered to your home is going to be an ordeal. Like we said before, a good quality treadmill is going to weigh around 200 lbs. That’s not something that you can easily lug around.

When it arrives at your house, ask the delivery people to set it down where you intend to assemble it.

Some companies offer to assemble the treadmill for a fee if it proves to be too difficult for you.

But generally, assembling a treadmill isn’t that complicated. We’re sure you can pull it off in a few hours.

The standard features

Good quality treadmills usually have the following features. If you’re paying good money for a treadmill, you can expect that it will have most if not all of these.

  • LCD screen or some kind of display – this shows your heart rate, the distance you’ve walked, the calories you’ve burned, etc.
  • Preset programs – these come in handy when you want variety in your workout sessions.
  • Heart rate monitoring system – allows you to keep your heart rate in check, usually done with a sensor or chest strap.
  • Built-in speakers and USB compatibility – a bonus for listening to music.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for app syncing – helps you keep track of your progress through fitness apps like MyFitnessPal.
  • Incline settings – simulates walking uphill for more resistance.
  • Water bottle holder
  • Media shelf – a space where you can prop up a mobile device, tablet, or book.

Best Treadmill For Heavy People- Reviews


Let’s get into our top picks for high weight capacity treadmills with all that out of the way. We’ll start from the lowest weight capacity and work our way up to the 500 lb weight capacity treadmill.

LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill – Best Treadmill for 300 lb weight capacity


  • 17 preset programs, 2 heart rate control programs, and 2 customizable programs.
  • LifeSpan Fitness Club members can download customized workouts
  • 15 incline levels
  • Durable 2-ply belt and cushioned deck
  • Wide running deck (20 x 56 in.)
  • Motorized incline (15 levels)
  • 2.5 CHP motor (equivalent to 2.25 HP)
  • Top speed of 11 mph
  • Remembers your stats
  • Hi-fi speakers, headphone jack, USB port, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Controls on the hand bar
  • Relatively low footprint at 39 x 33 in. when folded
  • Decent warranty
  • Great customer care


  • It doesn’t come with a fan.
  • Data tracking is only free for the first four months. After that, you have to pay for a subscription.

For well below $1,000, you can buy this well-built treadmill which is meant to last. Its robotically welded steel frame is built like a tank and can handle any weight under 300lbs. easily.

By the name, you’ll see that this is a foldable treadmill. But this isn’t any old foldable treadmill. It has EZfold technology, which utilizes hydraulic shockers that folds and unfolds the treadmill for you.

Once it does the trick, you can simply pick up the deck and stow it away out of sight if you don’t want your treadmill to be a permanent fixture in your home or apartment.

With the variety of preset programs to choose from, you’ll never run out of workouts to do. Exercise physiologists designed these to help you see results from safe and effective regimens.

Whatever you’re aiming to do, whether it’s burning more fat or improving your cardiovascular fitness, there’s a preset program designed for that.

The console also comes preprogrammed with Intelli-Step, which tracks the number of strides that you take per workout. This will help you set daily goals and follow through with them accurately.

The belt comes with an Intelli-Guard feature that stops motion after you step off from the deck to avoid accidents.

By plugging in a flash drive into the USB port, you can save your stats because the console will automatically update them every 20 seconds.

When you’re done with your workout, simply take it out and plug it into your computer to update your Club account.

You can then go over your progress from any device that has internet connectivity, including your smartphone.

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill – Best treadmill with 375 lb weight capacity



  • Made from high-quality materials (commercial grade)
  • Foldable
  • 3.5 CHP motor
  • Roomy deck (22 x 60 in.)
  • Cushion Flex – designed to minimize the joint impact by up to 40% compared to regular jogging or running
  • Reversible deck
  • 10 present programs
  • Large 9 in. LCD display
  • Handrails have integrated pulse monitors
  • Safety cord
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in fans
  • Media holder
  • Decent warranty


  • It only comes with 10 preset programs.
  • The side rails are on the short side.

At 265 pounds, this bad boy won’t budge an inch, even supporting a user that’s well over 300 lbs. This thing is stable.

With Sole Fitness’ proprietary Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, you can relieve pressure off your joints by up to 40% compared to walking or running on asphalt.

They built the F80 with comfort and value in mind, and the proof is the pudding. Its commercial-grade parts do feel like they would last for a very long time, even with constant use.

The deck, which measures 22 by 60 inches, makes this treadmill one of the widest treadmills on the market today – perfect for those who are heavier and taller.

The 2-ply belt makes your workout quieter, and it takes longer to wear out over time. You can also flip it to use the other side once that happens.

The LCD screen is big and easy to read, so keeping tabs on your stats would be a breeze. It also comes with a media holder, which keeps your phone or tablet secure.

This treadmill doesn’t come with a chest strap (you’ll have to buy one separately if you prefer to monitor your heart rate that way), but its handrails do have integrated pulse monitors.

If you’re trying to regain your balance or you just feel like walking is a tall order for you right now, you can use the safety cord. You attach this to your body, and if pulled out too far, the belt will stop immediately as a precaution.

It’s Bluetooth compatible, so you can sync it with your fitness apps to track your progress. This would be extremely useful if you’re trying to follow a strict fitness plan and you’re trying to log every minute of your workout.

Overall, this is a sensible mid-level piece of equipment that delivers excellent value for how much it is. It will do everything it’s supposed to do, and it will do it well.

Sole F85 Treadmill – Best treadmill with a 400-pound weight capacity


  • Top of the line components (elite hotel grade)
  • 4.0 CHP motor – supports sprints as fast as 12mph and a user weighing 400 lbs.
  • 2-ply track – makes it more durable
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck – designed to minimize the joint impact by up to 40% compared to regular jogging or running
  • Cushioning muffles the sound of running
  • 30 levels of incline
  • 10.1 in. graphic display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Foldable
  • 99.9% accurate wireless heart rate monitor
  • Built-in fans
  • Controls are built into the armrests
  • Decent warranty


  • It only comes with 10 preset programs.
  • It has a large footprint (80 in. long).
  • The side rails are again on the short side.

We’re hitting top-tier exercise machines now, and the price tag on the F85 does reflect that. But you’re not going to pay this much for no reason.

Basically, the F85 is F80’s (previous item on the list) cooler older brother. In fact, Sole Fitness claims it’s the best folding treadmill on the planet.

Are they unreasonable? Not in our book. Their claim could very well be valid, and they have the sales to prove it. Year after year, it comes out on top.

So what they’re saying is definitely not unfounded. If you’re a bit shy of 400 pounds and you want to walk and run your way back to a healthy lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with this treadmill.

What’s not to love? It has a very wide deck, excellent cushioning, a powerful motor, and an automated incline.

Sole Fitness treadmills also come in highly recommended because of their excellent customer care. If you encounter an issue with your machine, you can be sure that you’ll have someone to address it for you.

Exerpeutic TF1000 – Best Walking Treadmill With 400 lb Weight Capacity – Most Affordable


  • Cheaper than other treadmills that have this weight capacity
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Long handrails for safety
  • Safety cord
  • Frame folds for easy storage
  • Great warranty


  • The console displays stats but doesn’t have workout programs.
  • It does not have an incline.
  • The track isn’t very long at 40 in.
  • It does not have the best cushioning.
  • 1.5 HP motor (can only handle slower speeds)

A cheaper alternative to all the high-end treadmills with a max weight capacity of 400 pounds, the Exerpeutic TF1000 will provide you with pretty much everything you need without having to break the bank.

Yes, it doesn’t come with the usual bells and whistles, but that’s to be expected from a machine that has this price tag.

This machine is really intended more for walking, which is what you have to be doing a lot if you’re shy of 400 pounds.

With that line of reasoning, the subpar cushioning won’t matter as much because a great impact absorption system only really matters for long-distance running.

You do get a pretty long warranty if you purchase this treadmill off of the Exerpeutic website, which tells you that, despite its limited features, it’s still made from high-quality materials that are meant to withstand a lot of weight.

The first con that we listed is that it doesn’t have workout programs, and that is pretty unusual for a treadmill with this weight capacity.

But that’s not really a deal-breaker for us, especially if you don’t have $4,000 to spend on a top-tier treadmill.

You would just have to time and plan and workouts on it. So it will require a little bit more extra effort, but it’s not unreasonable.

At 1.5 HP, the motor is fine for walking.

Overall, this is an excellent option for those who need a high-capacity device without having to pay so much for it.

Even though you’ll have to compromise by giving up a few features, you can’t really complain about it much.

425-pound weight capacity – Sole Fitness TT8



  • High-quality parts that can last you a lifetime
  • An extra-wide track that is also 60 inches long (easily the largest available track out there)
  • Self-lubricating tread track
  • Four-layered track (nylon, rubber, and PVC)
  • 4.0 CHP motor – supports a speed of 12 mph
  • 30 levels on incline and decline
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck – designed to minimize the joint impact by up to 40% compared to regular jogging or running
  • 10.1 graphic display
  • 10 preset programs
  • Built-in Hi-fi speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Decent warranty


  • It has a large footprint.

This is it, folks. This is the one to beat.

Because this machine is so large to accommodate heavier and wider users, you’re going to need a lot of space to set this up.

This will not fly in an apartment setting where you don’t have a designated home gym space. If you do, it would be a smart move to consider getting this treadmill for that space.

Because the track is so broad, you don’t have to constantly focus on your position as you’re running or walking.

The incline and decline settings on this thing are amazing. You can even simulate walking downhill by setting it up to 6%.

This machine is built to last. That’s why they’re found in gyms all over the country. It can withstand the constant use of multiple users and a maximum weight of 400 pounds easily.

In addition to the preset workouts, you can customize your routine by setting it to manual mode. With these programs, you can focus on whatever it is you’re targeting: weight loss, cardio training, muscle toning, you name it.

Don’t worry about investing a lot of money on this treadmill. Considering how much use you’re going to get out of it, it’ll end up paying for itself in gym membership fees.

Also, given how the build quality on this thing is top of the line, this will likely be a permanent fixture in your home gym.

Best Recovery and Assistance Treadmill – Treadmill for Bariatric Patients


  • Cheaper than typical entry-level walker treadmills
  • Easy assembly (you can also pay $100 to have it assembled for you)
  • Compact and foldable
  • Long safety tails
  • Safety cord
  • 10 shock-absorbing deck cushions
  • Excellent customer care


  • No programming
  • No incline
  • 1.5 CHP motor (only suitable for walking)
  • Smaller track size
  • So-so warranty

If you’re recovering from an injury or you were advised to keep your workouts at a low-intensity level, then all you need is a treadmill that’s specifically designed for walking.

If you don’t need the programming, speakers, and other enhancements and just want to get a no-frills treadmill with excellent cushioning to aid you in your recovery, this is a great option that won’t hurt your wallet.

The extended rail platform is great for resting between walk sessions, and it’s sturdy enough to hold on to even if you’re just shy of 300 lbs.

Because it doesn’t have an incline feature, the low deck height makes it easier for the user to get on the treadmill.

Basically, this treadmill was designed for an easy and straightforward workout for those in recovery.

Best Heavy Duty Treadmills: Should You Buy One?

We have made it to the end of our buyer’s guide, and now we leave the choice up to you. We have pointed the very best in heavy-duty treadmills, and now it’s up to you to get online and order one and get your body back into shape. I know you can do; you know you can do it. So do it. No excuses!

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