How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh?

Are you searching around on the internet trying to find out just how much a curl bar weighs?

Or maybe you are trying to find out how much a preacher bar weighs.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we will go over just how much each of those bars weighs, what they are used for, the differences between all of the different types, and why it’s essential to know these things.

How much Does Each Type Of Curl Bar Weigh?

First up on our list are the various types of curl bars. Each bar has different characteristics. Read on to know more.

How much does the Standard Curl Bar Weigh?


So here we have our first weight lifting bar. The standard curl bar is your conventional and typical bar that you will find at your gym.

These bars are straight and will either have weights already attached to them at the ends or will be just a straight bar. The straight curls bars with no weights on them are the ones that you have to add weight plates to get any extra weight.


Well, it varies a bit from 10-15 pounds.

What is the standard curl bar used for?

This bar is used for just what its name implies. CURLING. But what makes this bar different from the others?

The standard curl bar is different from the others because it is entirely straight, allowing you to better focus on the bicep’s inner head.

This bar allows you to squeeze and contract the entire bicep head and will enable you to get that tall peak of the bicep to stand out.

Something I don’t Like about the Straight Curl Bar:

Personally, I’m not too fond of this bar because it can be very hard on the wrist. Do this exercise with heavy weight, and trust me, you’ll be feeling it.

How much does the EZ Curl Bar Weigh?


The EZ Curl Bar is very similar to the standard curl bar but has few differences because this bar is curved and allows for several different grips.

The EZ curl bar is my favorite bar to work my biceps with because it allows me to get my wrist in the position that I like the best and most comfortable.

These bars weigh in at around 15-25 pounds with no weight plates attached.

Some of these EZ curl bars come attached with weights.

What workouts are the EZ Curl Bar Used For?

  • Straight Grip Curls
  • Reverse Grip Curls
  • Inverted Grip Curls
  • Tricep Extension
  • Straight Should lifts

The advantage of EZ Curl Bars:

  • Easy on the wrist
  • Allows for different targeting of the bicep
  • Allows for different grips
  • Allows for multiple workouts

How much does the Preacher Curl Bar Weigh?


Here’s the thing. The preacher curl bar weighs just as much as the regular curl bar you use does. What do I mean by this?

Well, the preacher bar is the same thing as any of the other curl bars. The preacher curl is just a different exercise.

What are preacher curls, you might ask?

Preacher curls is a type of curl exercise performed on a bench with an extreme focus on the bicep. To perform a preacher curl, you must be seated on a preacher bench with arms out straight and the curl bar of choice in hand. Your arms are at a downward angle out straight.

You curl up and then let down. This allows for a full stretch of the bicep and allows for maximum growth. This is great if you have skinny arms and trying to bulk those things up.

I love this workout because it hits the bicep so hard, and you don’t need much weight to engage the muscle.

After a preacher curl bar workout, I always end up sore for the next couple of days.

The next curl bar on our list is the straight barbell.

But hey, what’s the difference between the standard curl bar and the straight barbell?

Curl Bar vs. Straight Barbell: What are the differences?


There are a couple of differences between the curl bar and the straight barbell; these consist of the weight, size, and sleeves.

The standard barbell is quite a bit bigger, heavier, and stronger than the standard curl bar. The standard barbell weighs in at an industry-standard 45lbs and can support a weight of over 600lbs. This bar is meant for many more workouts than the curl bar.

Which one is best? This is up to you to decide, they are both terrible on my wrist, and I’m 24. I use the standard curl bell / EZ curl bar with 5lb weight plates on end. Alternatively, I also do the standard barbell and hit high reps.

Now You Know the Weights of all Types Of Curl Bars

As you can see, both of the curl bars have different weights, and now that you know how much both curl bars weigh, you can make sure you are lifting the correct weight and are progressing in weight over time.

It is also important to keep in mind that both of these bars, the EZ Curl Bar, and Standard Curl Bar, are used for the same workouts but allow for different grips.

I personally prefer the EZ curl bar because it is quite a bit easier on my wrist. If you are interested in finding out more about different pieces of gym equipment and weight machines, check out some of our other posts below!

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