How To Lose 15 Pounds In 30 Days – My Strategy

You’ve got something to be at in 30 days or less, and you feel that you are about 15 pounds overweight.

Well, that’s quite a concern. Nobody wants to be overweight, especially 15 pounds; that’s quite a bit.

Well, even though you are overweight, there is good news. The good news is that you can lose 15 pounds in 30 days. But you better be willing to work for it.

Belly fat-burning workouts, like cycling or sprinting, work indeed. But depending on your age, these might not be your best option, but as you age, it becomes harder to recover from that kind of strenuous activity.

Also, it’s been proven that slower, more steady cardiovascular exercise will more effectively burn fat.

How Was She Able To Lose 15 Pounds in 30 Days?


Here’s a story from one of our guests:

After a thorough checkup, I was told by my doctor that I had to cut down on my calories if I wanted to stay out of the danger zone. My blood pressure was good but climbing. I was also getting to be borderline on the cholesterol levels. Something which, on the surface, seems catastrophic happened that caused me to lose weight fast. I had an accident.

The phrase “It’s as easy as falling off a ladder” was not cute or funny the day that I actually did. I fell from the top of an eight-foot ladder onto my garage floor. The good news was that the concrete broke my fall. My wrists and left shoulder were in such bad shape that I had to stop strength training for three months. That’s when I discovered that I could adopt a fat-burning program and lose 15 pounds of fat in 30 days without having to strain myself with strenuous workouts. Here’s what I discovered.

You burn fat better when you focus on regular repetitious activities that are slow and steady. I took to walking and cut sugar and bread from my daily eating routine. I started walking for 30 minutes a day, and during the first few days, I found that even this activity was too strenuous for my shoulder as I kept trying to go faster instead of taking a leisurely pace.

I learned that the best fat burning speed was sub aerobic. That meant I had to be able to breathe easily and take a steady pace that kept my heart rate and breathing comfortable for an extended period. That’s where the real secret came into play.

I began to burn more fat when I started eating water-based vegetables and clean protein six times a day. Removing bread and pasta worked wonders for my metabolism. I began to see results within the second week of walking. I was losing between half a pound a day.

The eating pattern was not very difficult once I started. There were never any feelings of hunger, although I often get cravings for certain foods now and then. The daily walks went from 30 minutes to 60 to increase the fat-burning potential of my daily routine. As my shoulder and wrists improved, I toyed with the idea of strength training but was cautioned to allow the healing process to run its course.

Within a month of starting my walking routine, I had dropped 31 pounds of fat. I stopped overeating by altering my eating pattern. Eating six small meals kept my metabolism high and my blood sugar stable. There was no pressure to stuff me because I always felt full from my last small meal.

The secret is in evenly distributing your meals and removing excess carbs from your diet. I miss my intense fat-burning workouts, but this was great at age 50. I did not have to concern myself with injury. The combination of a steady walking program and an easy change in diet can create a fat-burning furnace in your body. You can lose 15 pounds in 30 days.

Losing 15 Pounds Can Be Easier Than We Think!


As we can see, losing 15 pounds in a month or less is something that can not only be done but can be done with ease if you just put a bit of motivation, determination, and discipline in.

The key to making this happen is in the changes to your diet. By cutting carbs and sugars, you cut a significant amount of empty calories out of your diet, allowing you to burn a bunch more calories than you consume.

Diet Strategy

Cut Carbs:

Low carb diets have many benefits; some of these include making you feel less hungry all the time, allows you to lose more weight instantly, especially from your belly fat region. You will also notice that your face slims up.

To most, this is torture because it means no eating fast food for at least 2-6 months to establish the fat deficit in the body.

Keep in mind that your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes for you to lose mass. To pull off this type of diet, you have to completely withdraw from ready-to-consume food products and start cooking your meals according to the specifications of the diet program.

Cut Sugar:

Cutting sugar from your diet can have many benefits; some of these include avoiding mood swings, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, allowing you to have more energy throughout your day, as well as losing weight, and preventing cavities.

By doing these two things, you will drastically drop your calorie intake down to about half of what it is now.

Up Your Protein Intake:

By upping your protein intake, you will notice that you will have reduced appetite levels, reduced cravings, boosted metabolism, and your desire for sugar will subside.

Exercise Strategy for Losing 15 Pounds in 1 Month or Less


Here we will explain how you can exercise to make sure you get those 15 pounds off your body in 30 days or less.

Depending on your age, you can determine what you can and can’t do. But here, we are going to focus on longer, easier style workouts.

Pep Walking:

Each day you need to make sure that you are getting enough fast-paced walking in. You need to walk up to a fast pace and hold this pace for about 45min to an hour. This is enough to get your heart rate up enough to burn the calories you need.

Here is the fact you should keep in mind, the more effort you exert, the more calories you burn. Therefore, exercise is a must if you want to lose weight faster. Dieting alone will not get the job done if you stumble now and then with a day of binging. It’s easier to cheat on your diet, so make it, so you do not cheat on your walks.

Increase your water intake

To control your urges to eat, you should always have a bottle of water within reach. This way, when you feel false hunger pangs (which are typical for people who have just started on a low-fat diet), you can drink and get the feeling of fullness.

Drinking at least 15 glasses of liquids (water or natural juices) every day is also necessary, especially when you get started on the cardio program since you will feel dehydrated most of the time.

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Can you do it?

Now that you know that it can be done and that it’s not all that hard. It’s now your turn. Think you can lose weight in less than a month?

Follow this routine and see if you can make it happen!