How to Lose That Terrible Looking Face Fat Naturally For Guys?

So, guys, you’ve got a fat face. It is not doing you any favors, let me tell you.

I mean, come on now, nobody wants to have a fat face. This is just not a good look whatsoever. 

Puffy cheeks, double chin, this is all just a bad look and definitely won’t be attracting anybody anytime soon.

So you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of this fat face you’ve got. But you want to do it naturally, not with some surgery or magic pills or anything like that.

Well, the good news is, the face fat is just like any other fat, and just like any other fat, it can be burnt off naturally. You have to be willing to do the work it takes to sculpt up your face again, like back when you were young, and your adrenaline and energy were quite a bit higher.

But the thing is that nobody wants to do the work to get rid of their facial fat. I mean, it’s not that hard; it can be done with just a bit of determination and discipline. Face fat is just like any other fat. 

Why Should you Listen to Me?

Please take my advice here as I am an IFBB Professional bodybuilder, and I now compete in the men’s classic physique. It’s funny because every year that I diet and do my routines, my face is the first thing. 

Fats are not only accumulated in your belly, thighs, or arms; they can also appear on your face. Duh. It may be either fat on your cheeks or fatty deposits on your chin, giving you that dreaded double chin and that terrible look. 

However, this can be fixed. Several ways can help you get rid of those unwanted facial fats, just like any other fats accumulated in other areas of your body.

By far, the best way to reduce those facial fats and reveal the beauty of your cheekbones and get the sculpted jawline is a freaking diet and exercise duh.

How I Lose Fat In My Face Naturally?

Yes, this is me!

Cut the Carbs

Yes, guys, you absolutely have to cut the carbs out of your diet if you want to lose that fat in your face. The thing about carbs is that it bloats your face and adds water weight like you wouldn’t believe. 

Just by cutting the carbs, you are going to notice a huge difference. You will first notice that the scale is showing that you are dropping significant weight fast. You will also start to notice that your energy levels are more stable throughout the day. The last thing you will notice is that you will begin to appear a bit tighter not only in the belly area but in all areas, including your face.

Cut the Sugar

Yes, this is an absolute must as well. You have to lower your sugar intake drastically. You can not longer be out eating candy, drinking soda, or consuming any other sweets that are going to rob you of your pretty sculpted face. 

The only sugar you can consume from now on will be the sugar that you get from your food intake. You know a natural way. Because here we are all about losing the fat in your face naturally.

Add Cardio

Cardio is also an absolute must to drop that fat off your face. But the thing is, most people think they have to run a freaking mile a day, and this is not the case. You need to get your heart rate up enough to burn some calories. Literally, 45 min on the treadmill or stair-stepper is going to be just fine.

Drink More Water

This is my secret sauce; yup drinking more water will help you lose weight in your face. But how? When you drink more water, your body no longer needs to hold all of that water anymore because it has it coming in and starts to get rid of all of that extra water weight you are currently holding. After about a week of drinking a bunch of water, you will notice that your face will start to become less puffy and will look quite a bit better, literally within two weeks. 

Eat More Often

Yes, that’s right, I said eat more often. Please do it. But here’s the thing, you need to be eating smaller meals. Eating controlled meals more often is the best way to speed up your metabolic rate. By doing this, you are forcing your body to burn fat naturally.

Do Facial Exercises Really Help You Lose Face Fat?

The short answer to this is yes, they do, but the time it takes, and the effort you will go through are simply not worth it.

Not only this, doing these facial exercises calls for more wrinkles in your face, and this is something that I do not want, and I know for a fact you do not either.

Losing Fat in Your Face Naturally Ain’t all That Hard to do

Now come on, guys, burning the fat in your face can be done naturally, and it is not all that hard to do. I literally do this twice a year when I go to compete in my shows. Learning how to lose face fat naturally is literally common sense.

Now it’s your turn, do exactly as I have mentioned above, and you will notice results in not only your face but also your belly and pretty much everywhere on your body within two weeks. I’m not freaking kidding either.

Now it is your turn, think you can stick with it for a measly two weeks? When you think about eating some carbs or skipping one of your cardio sessions, think about your fat face and how unattractive it currently is.

No lady is going to be attracted to that, I can promise you. When you have a nice skinny and sculpted jawline, this is what makes the women fall in love!

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