How Much Does the Sled of the Leg Press Machine Weigh?

Ever find yourself at the gym using the leg press machine but notice that every time you use a different one, the weight always feels a bit heavier or lighter than the last leg machine?

Or are you constantly wondering just how much the sled on the leg press machine weighs so that you can find out precisely just how much weight you are lifting?

Yeah, me too, and it’s super frustrating.

Not only do all of the sleds on the leg press machines start at different weights, but it is almost impossible to gauge just how much the starting weight of the sled is.

Well, for those that are curious, read below, and you will find out just how much the starting weight of the sled weighs on different leg press machines, and why the default weights of the leg press machines do not matter.

Different types of Leg Press Machines and Their Weights

  • Standard Leg Press / 45-degree leg press machine
  • Vertical Leg Press Machine
  • Seated upright leg press
  • Hack Squat Leg Press

Standard Leg Press / 45-degree Leg Press Machine


This is the most common type of leg press machine that you will see in most gyms.

This leg press machine is the one that allows you to sit with your legs facing upwards at about a 45-degree angle and lets you press the weight upwards.

Standard leg press machines have a starting sled weight of around 75 lbs.

Although this machine can vary from brand to brand.

Hammer Strength Leg Press


This is the machine found in my gym and might be the one in your gym. These are just about as popular as the standard leg press.

Like the one found in my gym, the hammer strength leg press machine has a starting weight of 118 lbs.

Seated Upright Leg Press


These leg presses are usually seen in the machine sections of your gym. These machines work by loading weight up on the machine and pushing straight out forward to press the weight.

The seat sits on rails, and as you push forward against the foot platform, your seat will actually go backward and slightly raise because your seat is the part that is loaded with weight resistance.

Seated upright leg press machines have a typical starting weight of about 20 lbs.

Hack Squat Leg Press


These machines are designed to replicate the feeling and motion of a hack squat.

You start in a standing position at a slight angle with your feet up against the machine’s press. As you get ready to squat, you move the handrails out, lift, and squat down.

Hack squat leg press machines have unloaded starting weights of 75 lbs.

Vertical Leg Press Machine


Vertical leg presses are the smallest of all leg press machines, and you typically will not find these types in your local gym. Although some gyms may have them, these are usually the leg presses that you buy for your home because they are smaller in size and lighter in weight.

These are designed to have you laying completely flat on the bench rest, and your legs are pretty much straight upwards in the air at about a 90-degree angle. The weight is then loaded up on the foot platform, and as soon as you let the safety pin out, you are then supporting and squatting the weight entirely on your own. You press the weight straight upwards.

This type of leg press is, in my opinion, the best kind for building a firm jiggly butt that we all so crave.

Vertical Leg Press Machines have a starting sled weight of about 15 lbs.

How much weight should I be squatting on a leg press machine?

Here is the thing about weight on a leg press machine; it does not really matter how much weight you can do on one of these machines.

I say this because these machines can be an ego booster because they allow you to load up quite a bit of weight on the machine that you usually would not be able to do on the standard barbell.

It’s not about how much weight you can lift on these machines because you should not be using them for this reason anyway. These machines are designed to help you with isolating the muscle. They allow you to focus on the target muscle groups with a little better precision than squatting with the standard barbell.

These machines are also designed to help you do movements that you would not otherwise be able to without them. It also helps people who have injuries or problem areas by allowing them to use lightweight and still be able to squat and perform the motions that they can not with free weights.

How to Calculate Leg Press Weight?

To calculate the amount of weight you are lifting on a leg press, you have to first add up the amount of weight in weight plates you have loaded on the platform; then, you have to add the sled’s default weight to the total weight of plates. Since most leg press machines weigh 75 lbs, you can add 75 lbs to your total weight from the plates, and this is your total squatting weight.

Do Leg Presses Burn Fat?

A lot of people ask this question, and the answer to this question is a definite YES!

Leg pressing requires an extreme amount of energy. Ever notice after you are done squatting heavy weight either on the leg press or free bar that you are extremely out of breathe, almost as if you just got done running a mile?

Yeah, squatting heavy weight is no joke. It burns up a lot of calories and, in doing so, will burn fat.

Leg pressing is an excellent way to burn fat that most people overlook because they do not understand that it can be just as good or better than cardio.

leg-press-muscle-groupsWhat muscles does a leg press work?


The muscles groups that a leg press works:

  • Quadriceps
  • Glutes
  • Calfs

Leg pressing is a lower body workout that, with time and effort, can create some very impressive-looking legs. The leg press works three different muscle groups, your calves, your glutes, and your quadriceps.

Is the leg press bad for you?

I get this question from my clients, and the answer to this question will always be a resounding “NO.”

No, leg pressing is not bad for you, and in fact, can be much better for you than squatting free weights or doing anything else. This is because the leg press machine is controlled, and your legs are not forced to balance the weight. You move in two directions, up and down, and that’s it. This makes it extremely easy on your knees and joints.


how much does a leg press machine weigh starting out

Now that you know just how much a leg press machine weighs, you can now keep track of just how much weight you are lifting. When you are at the gym or go to visit a new gym, just be sure to check the sticker on the machine, as these will usually tell you the starting weight of that specific machine.

These weights will vary brand to brand but will typically weigh around 75 lbs with slight variations depending on the specific model and capacity.

If you want to read more about just how much different pieces of gym equipment weigh, check out our other articles to find out more!

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