Skipping Arm Day- Should You Do It?

Okay, so there can only be a couple of reasons why you might be asking yourself if skipping arm day would be okay.

These two reasons are either:

A) You are training your arms enough with the current workout regimen you are in.


B) You don’t like training arms.

Well, let me tell you from personal experience, whichever situation you are in. This is not a good idea for many reasons. I mean, come on.

But let me tell you, there is only one excuse for skipping arm day.

If you are a runner or somebody with a more prominent lower body as a big lower body with a more petite upper body does look okay.

But the other way around. Not so much.

So let’s look at the reasons you should never be skipping arm day.

1st Reason To Not Skip Arm Day – Proportions

Don’t be this guy!

So the first reason that you obviously should not skip arm day is the most obvious one. Your proportions will look way out of whack.

You can ask yourself, is skipping arm day worth it if I start to look like Spongebob?

Having a big upper body with skinny arms is a terrible, terrible look. I can tell you from personal experience as I never skip arm day, and my arms are still tiny. Trust me. It isn’t delightful.

Your ultimate goal for working out in the first place is to look good.

So building and maintaining a proportionately developed physique should be your ultimate goal.

On the other hand, there is the fact that you could be skipping arm day because you feel that you train them enough with the other workouts you do. You may feel your arms are getting worked sufficiently.

Well, let me tell you, this is still no excuse.

Get yourself a good protein powder to help you recover faster, which will allow you to train those arms even more without being sore.

2nd Reason You Should Not Be Skipping Arm Day – Weakness


The 2nd reason you should not be skipping arm day is that if you are not training your arms, your arms are not growing with the rest of your body.

Doing this causes your arms to atrophy, not allowing them the growth and strength gains they need to keep up with the rest of your body.

What’s the point of having a strong back and chest if your arms are weak as heck?

This is simply just asking for an injury to be had.

I don’t see much point in it at all.

Keep your body strong and your arms stronger.

3rd Reason To Not Be Skipping Arm Day – Ladies


This reason applies mainly to guys.

Having small arms is such an unattractive feature. What kind of girl is going to like tiny little arms on a man?

For better or for worse, girls like big muscular arms on men.

Do you want to be single all your life? The choice is very well, yours.

Tips To Help You Stay Motivated To Train Arms – These worked for me

1. Get Yourself a Pre-Workout – This is a must!

Get yourself a pre-workout and only use it when you do not feel motivated to work out. So if this is arm day, then take your pre-workout on arm day so that you are not skipping out on building those arms up.

Not only will this help you to stay motivated, but this will also create an insane pump in your arms and will change your mind on how you think about skipping arm day. Once you see your arms in the mirror after an arm workout on this stuff, you won’t be able to wait until your next arm workout.

2. Change up the scenery – Change up the workouts

Visit a different gym every so often so that you are not getting burned out on the same exercises doing the same thing over and over. This is the main reason why you do not see results and why you are getting burned out.

Changing things up gives you some excitement and pushes you out of your comfort zone, allowing for mental growth.

3. Get a Personal Trainer

Invest in a personal trainer to help you figure out some new exercises that you can use to help you change up your everyday routine.

Use your personal trainer for arm day, as this will force you not to skip out.

And the more you move your arms out, the more likely it will become a habit to never skip out on them again.

Never Be Skipping Arm Day!

Now you can see there are many obvious reasons that you should never be skipping arm day. And in fact, I would say that arms should be the most trained muscle group because it looks absolutely fantastic. Big arms are unbeatable as far as looks go. 

So never forget to train your arms. Your triceps and bicep need to be huge.

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