Should I Squat and Deadlift on the Same Day?

Are you squatting and deadlifting on the same day?

Well, let me tell you. This is probably not the best idea. Not only can this place considerable risk on you, it simply just does not allow you to get the growth from your workouts that you desire.

This is because these two lifts are extremely taxing on the body. What happens if you go all out on the deadlift and then try and squat some heavyweight?

Think about it, weight loaded up on the bar, it’s resting on your shoulders, and your legs start wobbling.

Now you are probably starting to think over.

What Are Squats and Deadlifts Exactly?

Squats and Deadlifts are both done to gain strength and power on the lower part of your body.

Both operate different muscles in our body through a variety of movements. They lead to the development of the lower muscles as well as the improvement of our health.

Squats can help develop muscles in your glutes, quads, and thighs. Deadlifting, on the other hand, helps better the muscles on the upper and lower back.

Both the exercises possess health issues and accidental risks if done in excess.

However, both are recommended if you follow a healthy plan of executing these moves.

Doing Squats & Deadlifts on the same day will make you extremely tired


Squatting and deadlifting are exercises that demand a lot of energy, dedication, and patience in general. The word “Tired” does not even do justice as to how exhausting and painful it is.

We tend to ignore the frequency of these exercises and dive into them without proper consultation. This often leads to unhealthy future choices in our workout plan, leading to excess exhaustion.

Why Squatting & Deadlifting in the same workout is not the best idea?

Beginners often fall victim to poor routines that consist of excessive exercises and stunts. Irrespective of you not being a beginner and indulging in Squats and Deadlifts on the same day will tire your muscles.

Diets that lack more complex carbs are a determining factor in most cases. Your dietary lifestyle will be unable to keep up with the hectic exercises you pull in a single day, let alone a week. Doing these exercises back to back requires a crap ton of energy.

Different body shapes respond differently to workouts. Unidentified changes in routine with overindulgence in squatting and deadlifting can develop health problems in your body.

Lack of moderation in these exercises can affect and degrade our sleeping habits. It will affect our mental state and undermine you from engaging in your daily activities.

It will mess up your weekends, and you do not want that, especially on a Friday night. Are you keeping track of yourself?

Is it safe to squat & deadlift on the same day?


To start this off, we have to realize that everything in moderation is healthy. It is advisable to follow a balanced plan and stay away from rigid plans.

As they say, too much of anything is a curse. You have to avoid performing these exercises repeatedly and switch to alternate days in a week.

Deadlifting right after executing squats is a significant problem and isn’t endorsed. This screams red flags and is nowhere safe to a great workout routine.

You can perform Squats in the morning and operate on Deadlifts in the evening. You will find it safer and easier to maintain this streak twice a week.

Squats and Deadlifts are entirely safe to the point that you do it twice or thrice a week. Continued operation of these exercises on consecutive days can be fatal for your body.

If I choose to do them on the same day, should I squat or deadlift first?


It is perfectly normal to be undecided over your plan and the measures connected to it. Are you indecisive over whether you should tackle Squats or Deadlifts first? You can follow these safety measures to understand the plan best.


  • Follow a healthy diet plan. Focus on consuming healthy carbs and abstain from consuming unhealthy food.
  • Maintenance of a proper routine is needed. You should make sure that you engage in lower body exercises such as Squats and Deadlifts on alternate days and avoid excess indulgence.
  • Always make sure that you set Squats for morning workouts and schedule your Deadlifts to evening plans. This will benefit you more and also lead to proper muscle development.
  • Upper body exercises such as Bench Press, Dips, Push-Ups, dumbbells, and OverheadPress should be done if you’re squatting and deadlifting on the same day. Biceps exercises should be avoided as you shouldn’t perform these exercises with worn-out biceps.
  • Encouraging deadlifts before Squats will hamper your back. Squats should be done first to improve back strength and heal fatigue backs.
  • Proper and adequate timings should be fixed for both Squatting and deadlifting. Exercising and occupying these exercises overtime for an extended period could lead to early back problems.
  • To summarise again, squatting will improve your lower back. It acts as a pillar to carry out Deadlifts later on in the day by improving the posture and the strength of your back.


How many times a week should you deadlift and squat?

It is vital to encourage a healthy and punctual workout routine. It is advisable to participate in squats and deadlifts twice a week.

You can, for instance, reserve Wednesdays and Saturdays for these exercises. Work on the upper part of your body on the remaining days to create a state of balance.

You can start with 30 squats a day and gradually work yourself to 50 squats a day or more. You can deadlift for 10 to 15 minutes giving yourself 10-15 reps.

Deadlifting with 1-5 reps is recommended for the first week. You can then slide into 8-10 reps on your second or third week.

The Bottom Line

Exercise is a necessity to live a healthy, embroidered life. Is it necessary to stick with a committed workout plan? Of Course!

Apart from all the amazing exercises, what are the odds of Squats and Deadlifts standing out? It is a whopping 10! These exercises are meant to strengthen your lower back and assist you easily as you hit old age.

Squats and Deadlifts can go hand in hand with your routine as long as it is followed on a strict routine. However, it would be best if you operated them during different intervals of the day.

Squats are often a morning exercise, and Deadlifts are carried out in the evening. You should avoid doing these exercises one after another right on the spot.

So, should I squat and deadlift on the same day? Yes! You most certainly can as long as you’re not pulling muscles recklessly. It can be efficiently executed, keeping in mind the program’s length and following the safety tips.

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