Working Out But Seeing No Results? Here’s Why

You are probably wondering why you have been working out for two months and have seen no results.

Or maybe you’ve even been working out for a year, and no results have come your way either?

We have this mentality that as long as we exercise, we should see results. We create these unique routines or join programs to lose weight, get more fit, and be healthier.

However, this can lead to frustration if the fitness exercise program isn’t working the way they had hoped for many people. We then throw up our hands in frustration and say, “Didn’t I say this wasn’t going to work? The healthy people don’t know what they’re talking about! Exercise doesn’t work for me!”

There are some truths to the above statement, but it’s not entirely true. The truth is that not all exercise programs are the same. All people are not the same either.

Therefore, there are times when exercise programs will not work for you. If you think your exercise program isn’t working for you, let’s look at five of the reasons behind this problem and how you can fix it.


Working Out But No Results? – Here’s Why


Your Workout Routine Is Not Intense Enough

Your fitness exercise program isn’t intense enough. “Not intense enough?” you’re thinking. “You’re saying I have to do more?” Unfortunately, many people want to see significant results but believe it will come by a twenty-minute walk three days a week.

Not that this type of exercise isn’t good, but if you’re hoping to get fit, lose weight, tone muscles, and feel a lot better, you’ve got to increase the intensity. You’ve got to challenge yourself, and sadly, most people don’t.

Your Diet Sucks

You’re not eating well. You can exercise all day long, but if you’re still eating too many calories or nothing but junk, you’ll probably see minimal benefit from your exercise program.

For healthy results, you’ve got to combine a great exercise program with a healthy diet. There’s no way around it.

You Are Not Confusing The Body

To keep your body growing and to keep seeing results, you have to change up your workouts to keep your muscles guessing constantly. This is what keeps them growing.

If your fitness exercise program isn’t something you enjoy: Many people participate in exercise programs because they’re the latest fad. However, if you don’t enjoy the program, it will become a miserable routine that you’ll dread. When you dislike the exercise, you don’t put in as much effort, and you skip out as much as possible. This obviously isn’t going to work. Find a workout routine you like. Get into martial arts workouts or try something new!

You Are Not Working Out Enough

You’re not exercising enough. You don’t want to overdo it, but you also don’t want to hit under the goal either. Unfortunately, many people will play a round of basketball on the weekends and call it good, thinking they’ve got a good exercise program. However, it is recommended that you exercise every day of the week for at least thirty minutes. Heart-pumping exercise every day is important.

You are Not Training Correctly

Finally, your exercise program isn’t balanced. We have to work all parts of the body, not just a few parts. If your exercise program consists of nothing but running, you may notice knee and calf injuries or tight muscles. If all you do is stretching, you will not have a strong cardio ability. To reap all the benefits of an exercise program, you’ve got to vary things up and try to incorporate cardio exercises as well as strength training and stretching.

The weight loss industry is a multi-BILLION dollar racket! Yes, a racket! There is no drug made, a special food club, or a special fitness workout plan out there that will miraculously eat the pounds off your body. Losing weight is simple; burn off MORE calories than you take in! That’s it, pure and simple. Am I a fitness or diet expert? No. Am I a doctor? No. However, I AM an ex-Marine that knows from significant amounts of exercise, and the right amount of caloric intake will shed pounds faster than you can say “Semper Fi.”

Working out But No Results? – Stop Slacking!


Every single time we eat something, we KNOW if it is good for us or not. It’s no mystery to figure out if the Big Mac we crave or the baby spinach salad with strawberries is better for us. As a society, we are spoiled. We want what we want, and we want it NOW.

Unfortunately, weight loss and working out mostly depend on two things: genetics and determination. Some people’s bodies react to exercise very quickly and easily. Others do not.

This is where the second item comes in, determination. You have got to stick to your exercise and eating plan even though you don’t see results right away. Work through the soreness and the stomach growling. Remember, every time your stomach is growling, there is no food there, which means your body has no choice but to burn excess fat for energy. I’m not saying to starve yourself because then your metabolism slows down.

Eat good foods: Low starch (bread, pasta, etc.), lean meats, vegetables, and NO empty calories (candy, ice cream, etc.)

As far as exercise goes, DO ANYTHING! That’s right. If you can learn to eat good foods and even some bad ones, IN MODERATION, if you exercised for 30 minutes to an hour every day, the pounds will come off; guaranteed. Eventually, it will.

I am 40 years old, do not work out or run anywhere NEAR as much as I did in the Marines, but I eat sensibly, and run about 2-3 miles every other day or so, and occasionally work out with weights. I still look good without the shirt on! And that is the primary goal. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Luckily, I rarely crave sweets, but I eat pretty much what I want in moderation, and I am in perfect health.

So throw away your Bon-Bons, Twinkies, white bread, and potatoes. Eat sensibly, go outside and do something. ANYTHING! Burn some calories!

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